2C Today`s Challenges is 2Create Tomorrow`s Digital Solutions

Be a part of our journey, where innovation and teamwork naturally intersect, providing daily chances for personal growth. Whether you`re a junior developer looking to fuel your goals or an experienced developer looking for your next adventure, let`s find the right fit!

Our hiring process

Junior Developer

1. Home assignment: Kick off your journey with us by tackling a real-world task that showcases your skills and creativity. Upon completing the assignment successfully, we will contact you to arrange a technical and HR interview.

2. HR Interview: Show us what you`ve got in a 45-minute interview that delves into your technical expertise and compatibility with our team. Once you successfully navigate the interview process, you`ll proceed to the final phase of our hiring process, which involves practical experience.

3. 4-Week Internship: Dive deep into the digital world with hands-on experience during a month-long practice at 2C. A successful internship is the last stepping stone before transitioning into full-time employment with us.

Experienced Developer

Tehnical/HR Interview: Your 60-minute interview with us will focus on your technical prowess and fit within our team. Subjecting experienced developers to an excessive 5-round interview process is unnecessary. At our organization, we prioritize efficiency, and this is ingrained in our culture. We can assess an individual’s genuine expertise and compatibility with our team within half a minute. Our interview process typically consists of a 45-minute technical interview followed by a 15-minute HR interview.

Why Choose 2C?


Office in the City Center


Mac Equipment


Herman Miller Chairs


Quarterly bonus


Clear career path structure


Innovative Projects

Get a Glimpse into 2C`s Work Ethos

Where Success Thrives on Togetherness.

At 2C, we're more than just colleagues; we're a close-knit crew. Our cozy workspace is designed around a simple belief: working side by side at the office is the key to professional growth. In this collaborative atmosphere, we tackle challenges, finding solutions together faster.


Within flexible working hours, you'll usually find us at our desks, rocking comfy sweatshirts. We communicate in a simple and friendly manner, with plenty of laughter echoing through the halls, all while respecting each other's need for focus and a distraction-free environment.


Our breaks aren't about fancy game rooms with table soccer or dartboards, and they never will be. Instead, we value the simple joys, like sipping coffee and having heart-to-heart conversations – experiences that can't be replaced by trendy games.


Yet, it isn't solely about the tasks at hand. We value personal well-being and honor each other's time beyond the workplace. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a fundamental principle we'll always sustain.


To strengthen our bonds, we often explore local restaurants and wineries, creating lasting memories. We don't follow trends just to fit in; we do what makes us happy.

Want 2C yourself thriving alongside our dynamic,
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